Our Company

EVYL S.A. was founded in 1978 in Agios Ioannis Renti by Mr Georgios Meintanis and Mr Panagiotis Katsaros and was the first company worldwide to construct an automatic skewer-producing machine.

For many years, EVYL SA was the exclusive representative in Greece of the Dutch firm Koppens, as well as of other large companies producing meat processing machines. In 2004, EVYL SA extended its activities into the field of stainless steel and architectural structures by merging with the company GRINOX which was located in Tavros and dates back to 1981, specializing in all types of architectural constructions.

In 2006, EVYL SA moved to the industrial area of Aspropyrgos on NATO Avenue into its new 1200 sq. m. facilities.

In 2008, the company broke fresh ground yet again by representing for the first time in Greece the firm BESTFIELD, which produces rice bran oil, the healthiest oil in the world for frying.

In 2009, EVYL SA patented at the Hellenic Industrial Property Organization the promotional printing on the new “paddle” skewers. In 2010, a new idea was launched in Greece in the construction sector.

The company began importing decorative stainless steel sheets in many designs and colours to be used in architectural constructions.

Today, EVYL SA has succeeded with its range of products, constant research and new ideas, in constructing and equipping industrial facilities concerned with food, catering, building, shipping and pharmaceuticals.

Quality Management System Certificate